AdaptiveMobile Security Presents TrustTalks

A new video series of conversations on cybersecurity in the telecoms sector. Hosted by the renowned security analyst Patrick Donegan and featuring experts in 5G network security, signalling and mobile messaging security. 

13 May 2021  4PM (Dublin time)

TrustTalks | Episode 1

13 May 2021  4PM (Dublin time)



AdaptiveMobile Security News

Starting with a brief introduction of the latest company news.


Topic of The Day

Diving into the topic of the day: 5G slicing attacks that can't currently be mitigated.


What's Going on Out There?

Analyzing two security attacks that have recently impacted the telco sector.



5G Slicing Attacks That Can't Currently be Mitigated

In this first episode of the series, we will delve into AdaptiveMobile Security's recently published research on 5G Network Slicing and the security flaws that were found. Patrick Donegan will talk with Silke Holtmanns, who was part of the research team that discovered the vulnerabilities, and will ask her key questions to understand the steps the industry should take in order to secure the future.


SMS Hijack & the Singtel Accellion Data Breach

In the third segment of the series, Patrick Donegan will talk with Silke Holtmanns about the most relevant news in terms of cybersecurity in the telco industry. In this first episode, they will discuss a new technique that allows attackers to hijack text messages. They will also discuss the Singtel Accellion data breach. Concluding with recommendations on how telcos and regulators can work together to protect their networks.



Patrick Donegan

Founder and Principal Analyst at HardenStance

Patrick Donegan is Founder and Principal Analyst with HardenStance, a leading industry analyst firm providing trusted research, analysis and insight in telecom and IT security. HardenStance provides consulting services, public speaking services and leading analyst reports on cybersecurity risk and solutions across the telecom sector and broader enterprise markets. HardenStance openly supports the work of key industry associations, organizations and SDOs including NetSecOPEN, AMTSO, ETSI, the GSM Association and OASIS. HardenStance is also a recognized Cyber Threat Alliance ‘Champion’.



Dr. Silke Holtmanns

Head of 5G Security Research at AdaptiveMobile Security

With extensive experience in the telecommunications industry and a specialty in mobile security research, Dr. Holtmanns holds a PhD in Mathematics, and her current research area combines data analytics, penetration testing and privacy. Investigating vulnerabilities and security attacks using GTP, Diameter, and SS7 protocols via the Interconnect lead her to develop new countermeasures for 4G/5G networks. She is actively supporting the evolution of 5G interconnection security with strong focus on 3GPP security and GSMA. As an expert on existing and future attack patterns for interconnection security, she provides advice to AdaptiveMobile Security, customers, standard boards, and regional and national regulating governmental bodies e.g. US FCC or EU ENISA.



Graeme Coffey

Head of Marketing at AdaptiveMobile Security

Graeme is an experienced professional with over 25 years’ experience in the Telecommunications sector managing Global Sales and Technical Pre-sales teams. Graeme has extensive experience in Marketing, Business Development, Product Management and Partner Channel Management. Graeme Currently leads the marketing team in AdaptiveMobile Security.


What is TrustTalks?

An initiative of the company AdaptiveMobile Security, TrustTalks is intended to serve as an informative and educational channel for telecoms companies, regulators and CPaaS providers. A series of videos hosted by the renowned security analyst Patrick Donegan and with the participation of a panel of security experts, who will discuss the most relevant cybersecurity issues and share key security insights.

What is 5G Network Slicing?

Network slicing allows a mobile operator to divide their network into multiple distinct virtual blocks that provide different amounts of resources and prioritization to different types of traffic.

Why will Network Slicing be so important for 5G?

Network slicing will allow operators to provide portions of their networks for specific customer use cases in verticals such as Automotive, Healthcare and Entertainment. As a result, the network is open to many partners and sliced into use cases and vertical specific blocks.

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13 May 2021  4PM (Dublin time)

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