The Convergence of Enterprise and Telco Security with 5G

Welcome to AdaptiveMobile Security's video series of conversations on cybersecurity in the telecoms sector. Hosted by HardenStance security analyst, Patrick Donegan, and featuring experts in 5G network security, signalling and mobile messaging security. 

A New Approach to Telco Security

TrustTalks | Episode 2



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Starting with a brief introduction of the latest company news.


Topic of The Day

Diving into the topic of the day: The convergence of enterprise security and telco security with 5G.


What's Going on Out There?

Analyzing two security attacks that have recently impacted the telco sector.

5G security for telco and enterprises


The convergence of enterprise and telco security with 5G

What can the telecoms sector learn from cyber security best practices such as the ones conducted by leading banks, transport, logistics and other businesses? How should the requirements of enterprise customers buying network slices impact telco security best practice? This discussion will explore how telecom security needs to evolve beyond just implementing new 3GPP 5G specs. 


Spam gangs attacking UK networks, the MEF and more

In the third segment of the series... Spammers arrested in the UK; Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) is becoming a leading cyber security Standards Development Organization (SDO); Singtel considers selling Trustwave and more. 

spammer gangs attacking telco networks


Patrick Donegan

Founder and Principal Analyst at HardenStance

Patrick Donegan is Founder and Principal Analyst with HardenStance, a leading industry analyst firm providing trusted research, analysis and insight in telecom and IT security. HardenStance provides consulting services, public speaking services and leading analyst reports on cybersecurity risk and solutions across the telecom sector and broader enterprise markets. HardenStance openly supports the work of key industry associations, organizations and SDOs including NetSecOPEN, AMTSO, ETSI, the GSM Association and OASIS. HardenStance is also a recognized Cyber Threat Alliance ‘Champion’.

John Kennedy Head of Pre Sales at AdaptiveMobile Security


John Kennedy

Head of Pre-Sales Engineering at AdaptiveMobile Security

John is a co-founder of AdaptiveMobile Security. He has almost 20 years of experience working with mobile operators, meeting their messaging/signalling security and monetisation needs. Currently, John is Head of Pre-Sales Engineering for AdaptiveMobile Security leading a global team that engages with Adaptive customers at all stage of the sales cycle. John has strong knowledge and wide experience of the challenges that operators face in the security domain and how technical and commercial solutions to these can be applied.

Prior to founding AdaptiveMobile Security he was a Senior Manager at Symantec across their Enterprise Anti-Virus products.
John holds a B.Sc. in Business and Technology from Strathclyde University, an M.Sc in Information Systems from Huddersfield University and an MBA from Open University.



Graeme Coffey

Head of Marketing at AdaptiveMobile Security

Graeme is an experienced professional with over 25 years’ experience in the Telecommunications sector managing Global Sales and Technical Pre-sales teams. Graeme has extensive experience in Marketing, Business Development, Product Management and Partner Channel Management. Graeme Currently leads the marketing team in AdaptiveMobile Security.


Why 5G requires new approaches to cybersecurity?

5G enables many new use cases, for which technologies like service-based architecture, virtualization and slicing are needed. The merging of these technologies into the existing telecommunications infrastructure brings new challenges, as existing infrastructure must be integrated and interoperability with partners has to be provided. These new technologies also bring their own security risks and vulnerabilities within them. 5G security needs to combine the best of IT security with the specifics of telecommunications protocols to provide a secure and reliable service.


What are the main security risks of 5G technology for telcos?

5G is a new technology and very complex. Therefore, many new security risks will be introduced. In addition, the main feature of 5G is to bring in new applications and partners and provide them with dedicated 5G network slices for their use cases. Bringing in new partners requires enhanced security features like partner specific access control for the core network, monitoring & logging for signalling and data plane, Service Level Agreement enforcement. 

As 5G core networks are only now being deployed it is difficult to estimate what exactly will be the main risks, but due to the information richness of the 5G network, data leakage and theft should be considered a major risk. Other potential risks include fraud, malware/ransomware, denial of service (DoS)location tracking, and others. 


What is TrustTalks?

An initiative of the company AdaptiveMobile Security, TrustTalks is intended to serve as an informative and educational channel for telecoms companies, regulators and CPaaS providers. A series of videos hosted by the renowned security analyst Patrick Donegan and with the participation of a panel of security experts, who will discuss the most relevant cybersecurity issues and share key security insights.


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