Defending Telecoms Against Nation State Cyber Threats

By Patrick Donegan, Principal Analyst, HardenStance.

This white paper explores the escalation of cyber-attacks against telecom networks by both nation-state threat actors as well as private malicious actors. Analyzing the threats posed by offensive cyber operations engineered to undermine the national security of adversaries, this research then concludes with recommendations to better secure critical national infrastructure. 


Evolution of the Threat Landscape

Impact of cyber-attacks on Telcos and Governments

Enea AdaptiveMobile Security is delighted to sponsor this white paper which aims to enhance the understanding of the evolution of cyber- attacks on mobile networks and the increased risks posed to Governments.

  • Blurring Boundaries between Nation States and Independent Threat Actors

With the rise in geopolitical tensions, nation states are increasingly willing to take higher risks to compromise their enemies. Cyber-attacks can pose as much of a national security risk as direct threats from nation states. The boundaries between threats from private threat actors and state-backed cyber operations are breaking down, risking greater escalation.

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  • Analyzing the Nature of Some of the Cyber-Attacks on Telecom Networks

Examining the methods and motivations of some of the cyber-attacks on telecom networks observed in recent years, both by private sector and nation state threat actors, indicates the likelihood of more blended threats developing in the future. Attackers are target motivated and less concerned with specific techniques; hackers will try every network entry point for weaknesses.

  • Giving Recommendations to protect Critical National Infrastructures from a Telco Perspective

This paper investigates new developments in the ways hostile nations are exploiting foreign telecom networks in countries deemed to be adversaries. These threats raise questions around governments’ approach to telecom security, and how the telecom industry can promote airtight defences against the cyber-attacks of the future. 

Defending Telecoms Against Nation State Cyber Threats

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